About Us

About Us

We are one of the largest Bialy Bakeries in the country We produce bagels & bialys for wholesale and private label.


Baked in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge from Old World Recipes, using onlly the finest ingredients, experience and enjoy the flavor and variety of these Brooklyn Bagel products.


We provide you with the best way to always have a fresh bagel… Store frozen bagels and bake them off, or just thaw and serve.


Call Us: 718-272-2780


Taste Our Tradition
Since 1947, B&S Bialy has captured the time-honored tradition of baking authentic, old-world bialys. Hand crafted, then baked in a hearth oven, the product offers genuine home-style flavors that evoke times past.


About 65 years ago Martin Bell started baking bialys in a basement in Borough Park, Brooklyn New York. The business later on was moved to a storefront in Canarsie. After many successful years the business was passed on to his son Warren Bell. Warren took the business his father had and created a global market for his product. He brought manufacturing bagels and bialys to a whole new level, and became one of the largest Bialy Bakeries (a hand-made product) in the country.


We Sell All Over The Word
Our bialys and bagels are available at major retail supermarkets chains throughout the Northeast, as well as in Florida and California. Our distribution has expanded its reach internationally, to include export of bialys and bagels to Japan.

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