The Art of the Bialy
Named after Bialystock, Poland, which was made famous through the musical Fiddler on the Roof, a bialy combines the flavors of an English muffin and a bagel. This flat, round baked product is low in calories, fat and cholesterol, with no sugar or oil added. The texture of the top and the bottom of a bialy are distinctively different. The top is light and crunchy while the bottom is heavier and chewy.


The creation of a quality bialy takes great skill and consistency. Following over 50 years of tradition, the Bell Bialy is still “pulled” by hand with the middle indented by thumb, and freshly grated onion mixture spooned into the indentation before the bialy is placed into the oven.


Just Slice and Eat
There are many different ways to eat a bialy. Traditionally, the bialy was eaten warm, fresh from the bakery. Butter was spread on top so it would pool in the hole, or it was smeared on the bottom. Nowadays, the bialy is sliced in half, than toasted. There is still a difference of opinion about whether the top and bottom should be eaten separately or together. Let the consumer decide. A range of toppings work well with a bialy—butter, cream cheese, jam, smoked fish or a favorite sandwich filling.


Weight: 2 1/2 oz.
Types: Bialy, Bialy Stick, Bialy Roll, Pletzel



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